Every year more than 150 billion animals are killed by humans, without even counting fish!
One of the actions we participated in, was the sterilization of a female pig, which was done for the first time in Greece, and was undertaken by the veterinarian Christos Ktenas. The experienced doctor explains the importance of sterilization in piglets, especially in females, which can become very aggressive due to hormones, while in some cases they can reach the point of cannibalism.

 *Τhe video contains footage that some may find disturbing.
Food for thought
What if we all demonstrated a little more empathy towards the animals with whom we
share our planet? The woman responsible shared her thoughts with us, after a food donation we offered Vrouva shelter in Aegina, where several old, abandoned and abused farmed animals are
cared for.
“Our barn is now full of excellent mulch, hay and straw, enough to feed our animals all year
round. We are now stress free and were able to obtain hay of excellent quality. This is
especially important, for our older residents who are unable to chew hay that is not tender!
Since we have secured our animal’s food for the year, we are able to use our funds to cover
vet bills, preventative examinations, reparation materials and much more. We are now very
optimistic about our shelter’s future.
Most importantly, when a carriage – horse owner approached us and offered to turn his
elderly horse in to us, instead of sending him to slaughter, we were finally able to accept.
It gave us great joy to have enough funds to take in an animal in need, after two years of
being unable to do so;”