The non-profit organization "A Promise to Animals" organized on 20.03.24 at the office of the European Parliament 
in Greece, the "Cultivating the Future - Best Practices in Europe" event. The event was hosted by MEP Mr. Petros 

During the event, the Danish national Action Plan on the promotion of plant-based food production and consumption was presented. It is a policy that aims to strengthen and promote the plant sector that includes education initiatives, plant-based nutrition in school lunches, programs to sup-port farmers and methods to increase plant food exports. It also focuses on green transition.

The event was held by the Green MEP Mr. Petros Kokkalis and Ms. Erietta Kourkoulou-Latsi as the founder and president of the organization "A Promise to Animals". The Mayor of Athens, Mr. Haris Doukas and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Rural Development, Mr. Konstantinos Bag-inetas, participated in the round table.

The presentations of the keynote speakers were of great interest, provoking constructive discussions with the audience. Mr. Frederik Madsen - Secretary General, Plantebranchen, laid out the Danish state plan and the foundations for a plant-based future. Ms. Lara Pappers - Jeremy Coller Foundation, spoke about proteins as a way to tackle the climate crisis and guarantee food safety, and Mr. Rafael Pinto –Policy Manager, European Vegetarian Union, referred to the forerunners of plant-based nutrition in European canteens. Finally, Mr. Giorgos Keranis – Sociologist, Food Systems Analyst, pointed out the contribution of cities to the transition to sustainable food systems and plant-based nutrition.

Mr. Petros Kokkalis stated that "it is of key importance to integrate both new and tested practices and scientific research on food, with a special emphasis on vulnerable populations."

As stated by Ms. Erietta Kourkoulou Latsi "the purpose of this event is to inform and exchange know-how so that we are at the point where we too can adopt policies and programs with the aim of promoting sustainability, environmental protection and innovation in plant food production'.

The ultimate goal is for Greece to design and implement programs to increase the consumption of healthy plant-based options that will improve the prospects for a healthy diet that does not burden the environment and adopts a more ethical attitude towards animals as befits a modern society that recognizes animals as sentient beings and rejects their violence and exploitation.

You can watch the presentations here