Farm animals
Farm animals
We are all born with an inherent fascination for other animals, and the need to treat them with compassion. We know that they, too, are sentient beings, with the capacity to experience emotions and demonstrate unique forms of intelligence, and must therefore be treated with love and respect.
Unfortunately as we get older, we are methodically drawn away from our connection to other animals, and conditioned to turn a blind eye to their suffering. Living in an anthropocentric world, we are trained to find various excuses for the exploitation of animals and are constantly assured of our inherent superiority to all other beings. As a result of this problematic mentality, most wild animals have been hunted to extinction and those that remain, are doomed to suffer the horrific consequences of the Anthropocene.
Though it is true that the ever – growing presence of humans has affected the lives of all living beings, those suffering the most devastating consequences of our greed are farmed animals, who are raised and kept in frightening conditions for the sole purpose of becoming someone’s supper.
However, as much as we try to ignore the ugly truth of our consumer choices, or how desperate we are to convince ourselves of our inherent superiority and the subsequent right it gives us to erase the value of the lives of other animals, the truth remains that we are directly responsible for the suffering of trillions of sentient animals who are tortured through every life stage and eventually brutally killed while their loved – ones watch in terror, waiting for their turn to enter the kill – floor.
It is time we take a look at the life of the victims…



Approximately 1,480,000,000 slaughtered worldwide per year.


Pigs are very playful and intelligent animals. Research suggests that they are even more intelligent than dogs.

Unfortunately, in a factory setting, pigs are confined to concrete boxes, or in cages with steel bars. As is true for most farmed animals, female pigs are the ones subjected to the most intense forms of torment. After giving birth, they are forced into gestation crates, where they lay on their side on the concrete floor, for 24 hours a day, feeding their young non – stop and completely unable to move.  Shortly after birth, they are violently separated from their young.

Most newborn piglets are intended for fattening. The procedure is as follows: while they are still small, their teeth are removed, their tails are cut off, and they are castrated without the use of anesthetic. Soon after, they are hoarded into metal boxes with concrete floors, where the conditions are so overwhelming, that many of them develop neurotic behaviors and various mental issues, as a result of which they often  attack one another. Respiratory infections are very common, due to the ammonia produced from keeping such a large number of animals cooped up in small spaces, where they are forced to stand on grills above their feces and urine. Finally, the fattening process itself puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the animals’ bodies, leading to various health issues, including arthritis. Those who are able to survive these terrifying conditions… are sent to the slaughterhouse to be killed and dismembered.

This is perhaps the most brutal face of mankind. Trillions of intelligent, sentient beings, are transformed into objects and bred to be slaughtered in the name of human profit and gustatory satisfaction.